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Monday, July 2, 2012

Sweet Home Chicago

 Not a bad view for the weekend
 River taxi
 Beach, right next to downtown
 Ready for a night on the town
 Minneapolis friends celebrating in Chi-town

Millenium Park

Although I can't call Chicago "home" like the song goes, I do feel somewhat at home when I visit. About 12 years ago, a good friend of mine moved back there from Minneapolis and when flights were cheap I would go every other month to visit her. So, in a sense Chicago does feel like home to me. I would say I have been there about 20 times or more.

Since having kids, I haven't been to Chicago at all (not including the time I was pregnant with Braden). Last weekend, I had a much awaited girls weekend to the Windy City. I can't even tell you how excited I was to return to the city that I used to travel to so often.

I arrived last Friday morning and got to spend a day at the beach with my friend Maggie and her three adorable girls. Then us Moms said good-bye to the little ones and headed downtown late afternoon and arrived at our weekend destination, right behind the Sears Tower. The weekend was filled with tasty dinners, drinks outdoors, and great conversation. We took a river boat taxi on a gorgeous summer night. We did Zumba in Millenium park with a huge crowd of others. (This actually felt like a flash mob.) We went on hotel rooftop bars, walked Michigan Avenue, went to the spa and even hit the beach adjacent to the skyscrapers. We got to dance a little, laughed a lot and have zero responsibilities. I got to catch up with a high school friend and ran into a friend from Minneapolis and got to celebrate her birthday with her. What a fun getaway. I came home tired (my own fault since I can't sleep in anymore and stayed up a bit late), but had such a wonderful time. Chicago, you feel a little like home to me when I want a big city escape.

It's harder to be away when you are a Mom, packing up yourself and getting everyone else ready for your departure for a couple of days. However, being away makes you a more refreshed Mom - having your own time and being able to do things on your own schedule is a nice break. I was ready to see my dudes again after three days. It took me a while to catch up on rest (old lady), but of course it was worth every minute! I soaked up all the fun I could have in three days.

So, to all those Moms who are afraid to leave your little ones- do it. If you start now, it gets easier and easier to pick up and go. Other people are happy to help out (hubbies included) while you are gone. Nothing will go crazy while you are away.We often put so much pressure on ourselves to be present at all times, but Moms need breaks too. Or sometimes we think it's too much work to leave because we have to list out schedules, teach people routines, etc...but trust, me once you get to your destination it is worth it. It is healthy to do something for ourselves so we can come back feeling rejuvenated and tackle it all again. Everyone in the family benefits if Moms can have a little "me" time and do something for themselves. It doesn't have to be a long extended stay, short breaks help too!

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