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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Braden John: 2 years + 10 months

There is a lot of talk about someone turning three soon in this house, and along with that milestone comes many changes. Braden just started sleeping with one side off his crib, so we call it a "big boy bed" since he can get in/out himself. This was so exciting for him (and us). He even listens to the rules- we stay in bed once we get in, we go to sleep, if we get up early we can read books until we see the door open and then we can come out on our own. Phew, who knew the transition would be so easy. (I am sure it will not be that simple with Liam.) Braden will also start pre-school in the fall so we talk a lot about going to school- wearing a backpack and eating lunch there. We are also trying our hardest to rid ourselves of two sets of diapers by the end of summer, but it is going SLOW...so we will dial it back for a while and perhaps try it again when he is closer to three. Boys have their own agendas and timing I have learned! They can't be pushed.

Braden is at a really fun age. He is really beginning to do more big things - like swim on his own in the pool or lake with a life jacket on. He can pretty much climb up anything at the park, even the climbing walls (ok, Mom still stands behind on that one). We are increasing our baseball and running
time, so he gets more and more active. This summer has been extremely fun, even though it is really hard to take both boys places on my own because they are at such different stages (one crawling and not sitting still and one running). But, I have been trying to get out as much as I can because I know this age for Braden is so fun and he needs to get out and experience the world. In a nutshell we have done the following in the past few weeks: Saw Madagascar 3, went to the Children's Museum, went to the waterpark, went to a splashpad, went to McDonald's playplace, went downtown Mpls two times, saw the Puppet show at the park, swam numerous times, went jumping at SkyZone and the list goes on. There aren't too many things on my list left to do this summer. I am checking them off!

It's crazy, the closer he gets to three the less I can trick him as he catches on to everything and is becoming way too in-tune with things. He knows how to get places in the car, he will say "is that a good idea mom" or "let's do it Mom" (when he gets a good idea) which both make me laugh. His current favorite things are: baseball (of course), singing ABCs before bed, running, movies, jumping, playing trains, swimming, and doing anything water related.

It is a blast watching Braden grow. He seems like a little man to me even at the age of "almost" three! There are a lot of good questions and he is very perceptive. He is a social guy, but now around new people he tends to be a bit shy and need to warm up. We are having so much fun with Braden.

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