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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Slide

Painting the entire interior of our house just wasn't enough (ha), so a few weeks ago I started working on outdoor projects. I can't be stopped when I am on a roll with getting things done.

We bought two unfinished Adirondack chairs (above) and I stained them. I couldn't decide if I should paint them black or something fun like red, but in the end I decided on the more rustic look. Little did I know that staining would take FOREVER, and a lot of patience. :) But, they turned out pretty good and either way it would have taken a while. I have wanted these chairs on our porch  since we moved in, so now we have a cute little sitting area in the front. I also finished adding some plants to the front so our landscaping is all filled in and we put in some nice dark brown mulch. Things are shaping up around here. I did some plants in the back too and we have some new furniture in the back, but of course forgot to take some pics. Next up, we want to add some ceiling fans and tile our fireplace to make it look brick or stone, but with unforeseen purchase of a new air-conditioner last week it probably put some of these future projects on hold a bit. Yikes. Oh, and I'd love to do some garage entry-way storage someday too. For now we will enjoy the summer and perhaps pick up more projects come early Fall. So, yep I am on my summer slide...gonna relax and have fun and not pick up a paint brush for a long time! :)

Oh, and how I dare forget this little project that I decided to do the weekend of Liam's Baptism- a little chalkboard wall next to our refrigerator: (this is my last painting project until I decide to do the spare bedroom, I promise.)

Happy Summer to all!

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