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Monday, July 16, 2012

Dinner for Three

Tonight I took my little dudes to dinner tonight. Joe was at an event and it was tempting to find a reason to not eat at home. So here's what I came up with. It was: a.) too hot too cook and b.) I only have two more weeks to use my free birthday bucks. So, that decision was easy and we headed to Bonfire. People may think I'm a bit crazy taking a 2.75 year- old and 11 month-old to dinner, but to me it's a little bit of a break. I don't have to cook, they usually behave well and it's a change of scenery for them too. My theory is the more they get used to sitting down in public to eat the better it will be for us down the road. Also, Braden does pretty good out to dinner and Liam gets really squirmy after an hour, but if he is eating he is content. An hour is usually long enough for me to eat anyway. :)

Here's to momma and little dudes date night. I hope you are all staying cool. We have been spending a lot of time in the water- splash pads, pools, etc...it's crazy to think it's mid-July now. Some of our July highlights so far have been: taking Braden to Madagascar 3, trying out a new splash pad and hitting McDonald's playland for the first time (B loved it), 4th of July fireworks in our neighborhood, our nephew's grad party at the lake, and lots of swimming We have a busy rest of the month and that continues to at least mid/end of-August. I will try to post pics of our fun events as we go! Happy heat wave to all.

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