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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Liam: 10 months

It is crazy to think that in just two short months, Liam will be one. This guy in the past month has grown up exponantially fast. He is no longer worm crawling, that only lasted like two weeks. He is full on speed crawling now. He has two teeth (finally). He can crawl up stairs, hence the quick run to Target for baby gates the other week. He is standing and motoring around the room while holding onto things. He can open the screen door! (Note to self: do not keep screen door open unless I am sitting right there). And the list goes on for Liam....he eats all foods just cut up into tiny pieces which is a nice change from baby food. Baby food was getting too messy since his favorite past time is to talk and spray the baby food all over me, my clothes, my hair, my face. Fun huh?

Liam is so happy and smiley. He gets excited a lot and shakes while making these crazy loud noises- usually when eating, playing with something new, when he sees a balloon, or when we are on top of a slide. I think he will be my no fear and adventure seeking son, but we will see. Liam can high five, clap, dance, point, give kisses and is so much fun to be around. I love walking into his room each morning being greeted with the biggest smile. He is very playful. He already wrestles and tackles. He jumps on me and giggles. He has the best belly laugh and I know exactly what to do to hear it. He chases his big bro around the house and loves to see what he is up to.

I love watching my two boys play together and look out for each other. It truly melts my heart to see these boys grow up together and already starting to be friends.

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