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Friday, June 4, 2010

Trouble With a Capital T!

Yep, he's under the exersaucer!
Perfecting the climb up the entry way stair!

Braden is a crawling machine these days. He crawls from room to room. He crawls up the entry way step and now he's into crawling and climbing over things- like the bottom of the kitchen chairs, under the exersaucer, etc....I literally cannot take my eyes off him for a second because he's always into something (like pulling down the pictures and books off the coffee table or climbing under the rocking chair to pull the cable cord in the corner). So, I am a tired Mom these days- especially given this month is filled with Joe's travels and baseball so I don't have many breaks. I am sure I will be fine, but I might need to take some naps during Braden's naps in order to keep up with this bundle of energy. :) Easier said than done though-his nap times are my only times to get things done like shower, clean, fold laundry, check emails and I have been volunteering to help my old youth group- Young Life- with the Marketing and Communications for their annual golf outing to raise money for kids to go to camp. So, we shall see if I can keep up with this little guy this month. I have found out that swimming really tires him out so we may be making MANY trips to the pool! :)


Joe said...

He is definitely a bundle of energy, and it is tough to keep up. And I'm usually only around when Mom is here too, so I can imagine what it's like being on your own with him. It is so fun to see the smile on his face when he does something new that makes him so proud of himself though!

Jessica said...

I miss him! I'll chase the little guy around for you if you need a break :)