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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This Is......

...how I get to spend each day- with this brown-eyed, smiley guy!!

Braden is loads of fun these days, busy yes, but a blast! His personality is growing each and every day. He is pretty laid back. He loves going places, seeing new things and being around people. In big crowds (like of loud kids) he stays close to Mom. :) He doesn't like to have to sit in the car (unless he's sleeping) or in the stroller too long. He likes to be on the move- crawling, standing, climbing and exploring and doesn't like to be in his exersaucer or crib (when awake) anymore. He loves food- cheese, chicken, toast, pancakes, veggies, fruits, applesauce, bananas, and tortillas. He is ticklish on his thighs and hamstrings, and under his arms. He gives a screaming belly laugh when tickled in the right places. He likes books. He likes to find the airplanes in the sky when he hears them go by. He chases the vacuum around the house. He loves his bath and pool time - can you say water baby?!? He still loves the swings and now can crawl through the tubes.

I am so lucky to get to hang out with him everyday! I hope that I can continue to keep this smile on his face. I think he likes hanging out with me, so hopefully I can keep that up. :)

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Mrs. Soriano said...

I know where he gets that smile from! :)