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Friday, April 23, 2010

First Twins Game

Baseball buddies!
Braden joining the crowd in a big cheer!
The awesome view from our seats!

Braden turned 7 months old yesterday so we celebrated with a family day at the Twins game! It was Braden and Mom's first time at the new stadium. What a beautiful day it was! Of course, Dad has been there about four times by now but he was lovin' showing his son his favorite sport. Joe of course is a die hard Brewers fan, but Braden showed up in a Twins outfit courtesy of Mom. :) I think it's only fair that he can support the MN team- afterall his Mom is a Twins fan, born and raised in MN, and Braden lives in MN...c'mon, he can't be all WI! But, the war will continue and the WI influences will be ten-fold as he gets older I am sure.

Braden loved all the action at the game. We aren't sure if he even saw the baseball part of it, but he loved the people and all the sights to take in. He did a great job considering we were there for three hours! It did get a little hot up in our seats in the sun for him and he did get a little restless, so I spent a couple of hours walking and holding him (and he took a half hour snooze too) so needless to say, I didn't get to watch much of the game or relax! But, no worries- next time we will go without Braden and have a date night at the ballpark. Yesterday we had a fun time as a family of three enjoying the beautiful day and the beautiful stadium. Oh, and he was a crowd pleaser too- so many people stopped to see him and adore his smile. He is already a social butterfly- hmmm, maybe a Mom trait more so than Dad? :)


Mrs. Soriano said...

He looks so adorable! Way cuter than Joe Mauer :) I'm not surprised at all that he attracts attention. He's so handsome!
Glad to hear you had a good time!!

Joe said...

And that picture of him where Mom said he was "joining in the cheer" is not so true. I think he was just yawning and dreaming of being at a Brewer game instead. I do have to say though, that even though I'm a Brewer fan, the new stadium is an awesome place to watch a game. I can't wait for May 22nd when I'll actually get to see my favorite team play there!