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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Attention Blog Readers: Soliciting Advice!

Ok, now is the time for everyone that reads this blog to finally leave me a comment so I can see who is actually keeping up with my updates! Seriously, I would like to hear some thoughts on some strange things I have been experiencing lately. So, we all know that most people love babies and when you are out in the public they may say hi to your baby, wave to your baby, or even come up to get a closer look. I am sure I have done these things. Well, here is where it may perhaps cross the line:

A neighbor of mine who rarely is home (like she travels 75% of the year) and who I barely know, wanted to see Braden while we were out in the driveway. She came up for a closer look. She began to touch him, hold his hand, etc....then she asked if he had any teeth yet. I answered "no, not yet" and then she proceeded to stick a finger in his mouth to check. Ok- gross! Who does that??? And who does that even more after I said "no". Strange!

The next encounter was when Joe and I were taking a walk. An elderly lady was walking down the street and saw us behind her with a stroller. She stopped in her tracks so she could check out the baby in the stroller. She began to tell us that she would never hurt a baby (Ok, the fact that you have to verbalize that is strange) and that she just loves babies. She then stuck one of her very dirty, smokey fingers in his face. I am sure she is a very nice lady, but she looked like she could have been out on the streets for a while. I can say these things because I am sure she is not reading this blog! :)

Now, the third somewhat wierd encounter happened tonight. There is a nursing home across the street so I took Braden to look at some of the flowers they have planted by the street. There were two ladies sitting on the bench hundreds of feet away. One lady came walking (slowly) over and exclaimed how cute Braden was, asked how old he was, what his name is, etc.... this all seemed OK because a lot of elderly people love babies- until she asked if she could hold him and then grabbed him from me! To top it off she kissed him on the forehead and he began to cry. Ok, things just got really creepy to me - this one takes the cake. Or not, maybe the tooth one wins!

I get that some people come running to see a baby, but seriously what do you say to someone who is a total stranger that asks to hold your baby (there are like 100 reasons why I think this is just socially wrong)? I would love your thoughts. I have not had any good answers or comebacks yet so I just watch in awe and then try to say that he is hungry and needs to go home. Throw me your thoughts- whether it's a good comeback or if I should just let them have their baby fix no matter how wierd it is. I have no idea if other people go through this same thing or if I am the only one. I know Braden is cute and all and maybe they can't resist his precious face (see picture above) but c'mon, can't we just keep the boundaries a little? :)


Joe said...

Okay, comment #1 coming your way. I do think these things are weird. I was only there for one of them and I was pretty uncomfortable. The fact she said the thing about hurting a baby is what really caught me off guard, and then when she said if she babysat him he would love it and be really happy when he came home. Very strange! Also, the first one you put on there is also weird. I mean sticking a finger in someone else's baby's mouth is not cool. Especially since we hardly even know that neighbor. Now the third one I don't think is as bad. I mean think of Braden as doing his good deed for the day. I know some people might think it's not cool because of germs and stuff, but I'm sure her being able to hold him for a second made her week/month. The kiss on the forehead was maybe a bit much, but he's a cute kid so maybe she just couldn't resist!

Jessica said...

Wow! People continue to amaze me with their craziness! The finger story is gross, and I'm not even a germ person. Maybe start telling people who ask that he does have teeth and he likes to bite!! Then they'll keep their hands to themselves :)

Mrs. Soriano said...

Say "my baby" and run :) My only experience is when people want to pet Hawk and I want to go. I grab his leash and say something about how he needs his rabies shots. Feel free to use that one if you need to!

IrishMommy said...

Tell strangers he has been sick and you prefer him not to be held or touched! Set your boundaries with them and stand firm. The finger in the mouth thing is VERY strange -- I wouldn't even do that to my own nephew! WEIRDOS -- My issue is when people ask me were Ava is from... or the other day -- a lady ask me if Levi was my grandson! SOME PEOPLE!