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Friday, April 16, 2010


Braden and Max.

Some of you might wonder if Braden gets to be around other kids since I stay at home. Well, we do ECFE class every Friday which is a baby and me class with about 15 other moms and kids. We both enjoy this every week. I get to talk with other moms who I have made friends with, and Braden gets to stare and laugh at the other kids. Plus we sing songs at the very end which makes them all smile. Sometimes they shout back and forth across the circle too, it's pretty entertaining!

He also goes to the YMCA daycare anywhere from one to three times a week. Depending on what time of day that we go, he is either around other babies or there might be toddlers running around in the room as well. Also, sometimes during the week, we get to see Braden's cousins Ava (1 1/2) and Levi (4 1/2), friends Rachael and Eli (2 1/2). This week I babysat Max (son of our friends Stacy and Chad), so Braden and Max got to have a little playdate. It was fun to watch them stare at eachother and try to grab at one another. They are only six weeks apart (Braden being the older of the two) so it will be very fun to see them grow up together! We have a few other friends with kids right around Braden's age as well so he will not be deprived of other kid time by any means. He also enjoys watching the bigger kids run around the park and I can tell he wants to be as active as them. I am sure it will happen before we know it!

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