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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rough Housing

Well Braden got his first black eye this weekend- running in circles at a friend's house and then took a tumble onto a piece of furniture/toy. I wasn't in the room so I don't even know exactly what he ran into. Whatever it was, it was a sharp corner! I can't believe we made it this long without a black eye.

Welcome to being a Mom of boys, right? I am sure my future is filled with a lot more black-eyes and whatever else. Braden is a tough little dude though. He wanted to get right back up and play after just a couple of minutes of sobs. He claimed he was all better when he woke up this morning and his eye was super swollen and purple. I like his attitude- nothing is going to slow him down. I can't say he gets that from just one of us, Mom and Dad are both like that. I will teach my boys it's okay to cry and show emotions, but to also stand back up and brush the dirt off if they fall. Nobody else will pick you up when you fall as an adult, you gotta pick yourself up and carry on.

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