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Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer RECAP!

We had a fabulous summer. I can't believe how fast it went. Of course, the weather wasn't officially "summer" like weather until the end of June here in MN, so no wonder why it felt so short. Anyway, I wanted to recap some of the highlights:

  • T-ball and Soccer (Braden)
  • Outdoor Bootcamp classes (Mom)
  • Summer Fun Days or what I call "camp" (Braden)
  • Trip to Chicago (Mom)
  • Fishing and Golf outings (Joe)
  • Como Zoo (animals and rides) for Liam's Birthday
  • New Job (Mom)
  • Endless hours of swimming at the pool
  • Squirt guns and water table fun
  • Birthday Biking Happy Hour (Mom)
  • A few days at the lake for fishing and boating (Sullivan family) 
  • 20th Reunion (Mom)
  • Family Vacation to the North woods of WI (Hammonds)
  • Boys' first Drive-In to see Monsters U (for Dad's Bday) 
  • Parks, parks and more parks!
  • Teddy Bear Park and Nelson's Ice Cream
  • Playing tennis
  • Afton Summer Festival
The list goes on. I am sure I forgot a handful of things, but these were some that came to the top of my mind. We had an awesome summer. We ate plenty of popsicles and ice cream. We took spontaneous adventures. We stayed close to home some days and just went exploring to throw rocks in ponds or look for ducks. The boys were super fun and adventurous. I am holding on to this stange in their lives where they appreciate the small things and are easily entertained. Now fall is here and we are relishing all the sunny days to play outside.

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Tom B said...

Ah, Little Irish Smiles carrying on the Sullivan tradition