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Monday, September 30, 2013

Braden is FOUR!

Low and behold, our oldest guy turned four on Sunday, the 22nd. I can't believe that
just over four years ago we had no idea if we were having a boy or girl, or what parenthood would have in store for us. It has been an amazing journey. One that I can't even explain in words. I have learned more in my job of "Mom" than in any job I have ever had. I would like to write Braden a note, so he can someday read this and see what life was like at four through my eyes.

Sept. 22, 2013

Dear Braden,
  Today you are four, which means that four years ago today you entered this world and into our family.  What an amazing day that was, a day that we will never forget. Our family of two became three. You entered this world pretty gracefully and I would say you are still just as graceful. You catch on to things so quickly- both physically (the way you can throw or hit a baseball) and mentally (with the way you can recite a lyric or the Brewers line-up after hearing it only once). Before you entered the world, you did flips in my tummy at bedtime and bounced around when you heard loud music. I laugh because this still holds true at age four- you bounce around when you hear music and at bedtime you are running around asking for more books or jumping on the bed. :) You are full of life and energy! You don't miss a beat with all of your questions and eagerness. I admire that.

You have been in our lives for only four years now but it also seems like forever you have been with us. I cannot imagine life without you. I look forward to your "hey Mom" every morning when you run into my room. I adore your smile and laugh. I am so proud of the little man you are becoming- the way you say please and thank you, the way you hold the door open for people when we are out and about, and how you greet people with a big "Hi"- ok, well this is usually people that you know but I can respect that you don't like to talk to strangers. :) Although you are at the stage in life where you still need my help, I try to give you independence to learn and grow on your own. I love how you like to be around people and you don't want to miss out on the fun. You are always up for any adventure I throw your way and you always show your excitement.

I can't explain in words how proud I am to be your Mom. I don't probably tell you enough how proud of you I am, often I stand back and watch you with a big smile (you have no idea I do this). I am not one to brag about my kids out loud, so I will do it in writing. I love how when we go to parties that you immediately blend in and only come to me when you need something. It doesn't matter if you are hanging out with a 10 year old or a 2 year old, you just blend right in. You are so easy to be around. I love your laid-back manner, although sometimes I hurry you through breakfast when we are running late, I still appreciate that you take time to play and that you are enjoying life. I wish I could protect you from all that is bad in the world, but I know that no Mom can do this. I wish for you to stay strong and true to yourself. To be kind to others always, to follow Dad's advice on being a leader and not a follower and to respect people. I want you to have your own opinions and make decisions, but not to affect other people's opinions or decisions. I hope you stick to your passions and are always confident in who you are and how much you are loved. You are an amazing, special boy and we are so glad to have you as ours!

You are our first born, our oldest "little" dude. I love how you show your little brother how to do things and help him. When you ask him to come with you to go get your toothbrush (or whatever else), it shows me that you always like company and you like being connected. I know it's easy to fight with your brother, especially when he takes toys or he has something you want, but he's your only brother. I want you to always remember that family is your rock and your foundation. We are always here for you. Life will have it's ups and downs, but family will support you through it all. I want us always to be grounded and focus on what is important in this world. I can speak from experience that life can change in an instant. I don't want us to have any regrets- I enjoy all our memories and look forward to making them more and more with you each day!

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