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Friday, September 6, 2013

Braden: 3 years + 11 months

Well the end of August we celebrated Liam turning two, but I can't forget to do my monthly update for Braden as well. Braden will be the big FOUR next month, so he just keeps growing and growing into a little man before our eyes. Today he said to me, "do you recognize this?" and "is this familiar?" so I think he is trying to be a really big boy as he nears the four mark. Geez. Braden had a wonderful summer- the highlights include: fishing, parks, tee-ball and soccer, overnight with cousins at the cabin, Hammond family vacation, ice cream at Nelsons, Teddy Bear Park a couple times, Como a couple times, couple of movies, swimming and more swimming, a few day camps and the list goes on!

Braden is our go-with-the-flow guy and is up for anything, anytime. He is a little pokey sometimes, so the mornings when I work I spend a good amount of time telling him to get moving, ha, but he is a pretty good listener and good helper. His energy surprises me, he doesn't nap anymore and is go-go all day long but then seems to crash pretty hard at night which is good. He is full of life, energy and humor. He wants to run with me and play any sport imaginable (other than his favorites even)- from golf and tennis to volleyball and basketball. He really improved on his swimming this summer- wearing goggles and throwing toys into the little pool and diving in for them and staying under for a few seconds. He is a determined little guy. He watches others do things and then wants to do them on his own and will practice until he can do it. I admire his determination at such a young age.

Braden is also our guy who loves constantly being around people. He asks to play with neighbors or friends all the time. If he sees someone from afar (that he knows), he wants to go say hi. Although he is sometimes shy around new people, he is not shy at all around those he is familiar with. Hmm, sounds a bit like Dad to me. :) Anyway, Braden loves playing with other kids and at parties or gatherings I will not see him the entire time as he is immediately adjusted to the pack of kids.

Our oldest guy is growing before our eyes! He amazes us with his eagerness to learn and try new things, although in the food category that is not so true. Ha. Braden is smiley and inquisitive. He loves to read and do his I spy books at night. He is still our movie buff. Braden is one of those kids that you can take wherever and he will fit blend right in with everyone. He constantly has a toy or two in his hands. I can't believe how old he is getting, so that is the very reason I do these monthly blog entries so I can keep track of it all!

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