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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Braden: 3 years + 3 months

Oh, our little Braden is growing up so fast that he feels like a little man. If I can't find something, he will go looking for it and bring it to me. He likes to dress himself now, but shirts are a bit tough. He is fully potty-trained- YEAH. He is still as active as ever- loves to run, throw, bike, swim, play just about anything and he is all over the games and movies lately. He even knows how to work the Ipad all by himself. He does puzzles, games and can watch Disney Junior shows.

Braden loves preschool. His weekly reports always say he was fun, patient, excited to learn and a very good helper. This year he is very into Christmas which is so fun. He yells when he sees all the lights outside, saying "Momma look, it's Christmas!" He helped me decorate the tree. He also sees all the decor around the house and tells me that it looks good and that I am a good decorator. Where does he come up with this stuff? One day my jaw dropped when he told me that I have really pretty hair. Remember when I said I was a little nervous at times to have just boys in the house (keeping up with laundry, food, being outnumbered, etc...) well, boys sure are sweet to their Mommas. I hope that stays! He is really excited for Santa Claus. He told me he will leave out carrots so the reindeer can lick them, and cookies for Santa. We go visit Santa this Friday, so that will be fun to see how he reacts.

It's fun to watch Braden grow as a big brother too. If Liam falls and hurts himself, he runs over and hugs and gives him a kiss. Today I heard the boys giggling around the corner together while I was making lunch. I asked Braden what they were doing and he said, "Just snuggling Mom." I turned the corner and Braden was laying on top of Liam with his head on his belly and they were just laughing. If ever I am headed out the door to go to the doctor or to Target all by myself, he usually asks to come with. I took him to a movie a few weeks ago, and Joe took him to SkyZone- so we try to do special one-on-one things with him which is a lot of fun. He can do big boy stuff now, crazy.

As Braden gets older, he is really turning into the social guy. I had some ladies over the other night, and he was so upset when it was time for him to go upstairs to bed because he wanted to hang out with everyone. He never wants to miss a thing and is always excited to have people over, or go to someone's house. This holiday season will be super fun. Three years old is a lot of fun and we can't wait to see what is in store next with Braden. Life is a lot of fun with Braden around.

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