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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Liam: 15 months

Liam at 15 months is full of spunk and personality. He went from learning to walk to RUNNING. He cruises across the main level to get upstairs just as fast as any one of us now. I can't even tell who's pitter patter feet I hear running across the hardwood floor. Watch out, Liam is on the go!

Liam loves to play everything that Braden plays with now. He's into the Thomas The Trains, and pushes them around the wooden tracks, he likes to look at books, and of course he still loves to throw balls. He even helps me clean. Today he Swiffered and vacuumed. :) He can say, Momma, Dadda, Ball, Apple, Bubble, Blue (he is trying to say Balloon), and woo-woo for his favorite stuffed puppy. He also says "Wa" for water. I had to give Liam his first hair trim a couple of weeks ago, the top was sticking up way high. He has a nice colic that may need to be trimmed every other week. :) His hair is a lot lighter than Braden's and came in a lot earlier than Braden's did. Liam popped yet another tooth this week. He also understands everything we say, listening MOST of the time. He knows, it's bedtime, go get your shoes, etc...but when I say, "Please don't throw your bear in the toilet" or "Stop flushing the toilet" he doesn't seem to understand. :)

Liam is a smiley guy. He can be cuddly too, when he's not on the go! He is awesome at the stairs, so we took away the gate for the basement. He slides down on his belly in lightening speed. Wherever big brother is, Liam follows. They are two peas in a pod. He still is my hot-tempered guy, throwing himself on the floor, banging his head and feet when he is mad. I am hoping there are no future ER trips for these tantrums, they don't occur super often! He also runs into a lot of things, falls down a lot, and pulls things down on top of himself. He also climbs on things. He is my daredevil. He likes to stand up  in the bathtub and then flop down, which has resulted in a few flips underwater to scare him. Again, I really hope that I don't have to make an ER trip with this one, but I think he may be my adventurous and no-limits little boy.

Liam is smiling and laughing when he wakes up, and goes to bed laughing too. He loves his crib and his sleep. So does Mom! :) It's crazy to think about where we were a year ago with him and how big he is now. We can't wait to see what Liam will show us this holiday season, besides pulling off the ornaments and throwing them across the room. :) He is a joy and a blessing to our family! He completes the Hammond family. His spunk is refreshing to start out each day with.

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