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Friday, October 21, 2011

Braden: 2 years + 1 month

What 25 month old doesn't love binoculars?
Uncle Todd would be proud.

Braden's first hike - already a natural!
Every hiker needs a walking stick!

Who knew a 2 year + 1 month old could grow a moustache!

Since both boys were born on the 22nd of a month, I am going to have to do their monthly updates separate. So, on the eve of the 22nd here is Braden's update!

"Where are we going Momma?," I heard as I was driving to the YMCA one morning this week. My eyes grew wide and I had to turn around to make sure it was Braden that said it (versus some stranger.) Low and behold, it was our two year old that formed this complete sentence out of no where. I seriously am not sure how OVERNIGHT his vocabulary changed. Then, all week he began asking things like "what happened here?" and "What is this?" and "I want it" and "I like it." Joe even said tonight that he thinks Braden has said about fifty new words this week. One night when Joe got home he asked Braden what he did and he replied, "Cone at McDonalds." Yes, I was totally busted taking my son out for my favorite treat. Man, I cannot keep anything a secret anymore. Long gone are the days of being able to say and do things without getting into trouble.

Braden is also busy learning how to spell his name and learn colors. I think we have read the book "How to Make A Rainbow" about fifty times this week so he can repeat "red, orange (ornj), yellow (lellow), green (ga-rrrrreen), blue (ba-due), and purple." He loves to write "E" "B" and "R" for his name. They may not always look like the actual letter, but the E comes pretty darn close sometimes.

Braden is also a very active little man. He loves throwing balls, climbing all climbing structures at parks, and running. We went for a hike this weekend at Afton State Park and besides the steep stairs, he walked for most of the 2 mile hike. I wish that every day I could give him that much exercise because sometimes he doesn't fall asleep during naptime. It's not a huge deal, he still stays in his crib and plays or talks but I know he is still too young to stop taking naps (which is evident at dinner time on the days he doesn't have one). Today, I had to bribe him that if he took a snooze I would take him to the park- yikes, I am already bribing my two year old to do things he should be doing- ha! I think he just needs to be physically tired so I will try harder to make him run around. I also learned in ECFE that it's common for them to go through this at 2 when cognitively there is so much going on and they can't get their mind to shut off- hence the increased vocabulary probably.

Braden is also a brave little soul. During our ECFE class on Wednesday, us moms leave the room for an hour and he is the only child that doesn't cry. He even was comforting another girl in the room by saying "it's ok." He is also a very good big brother- he plays next to Liam, he brings him his paci when he's crying and he gives him kisses before bedtime.

Braden also has a great sense of humor at the mere age of 25 months- not sure who he got that from Mom or Dad or neither depending on who you ask. :) He is silly and makes us laugh constantly.

25 months have flown by and we love watching all of the new things that Braden says and does. It just gets better and better.

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