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Monday, October 31, 2011

Pre-Halloween Festivities: Out and About

Hammond boys with Grandpa and Grandma H!

 Halloween fun
The Great Pumpkins
The end of last week and into the weekend we were constantly on the go. Thursday night we carved pumpkins at my sister's house with all the kids (well, some painted). It was great cousin fun. My Dad came to teach the kids a lesson in Pumpkin Carving 101. Then, Friday morning we had dentist appointments for Joe, Braden and I starting at 7am (not sure why I thought this was a good idea 6 months ago when I made the appt), I had to race to teach spin class and then Joe's parents arrived Friday afternoon for the weekend. Friday night we had a date night. Saturday morning we went to a family-friendly Halloween bash at the Fultz Ranch, Sat we went out with friends and Sunday was all about the relaxation! Wow, I haven't had that busy of 4 days for a long, long time but it was much needed!

 It was so nice of them to come and help take care of the boys so Joe and I could get out for the first time post-Liam's arrival. Friday night we went to dinner at Shanghai Bistro in Stillwater- for sushi, Chinese food and drinks. I highly recommend it. In the summer there is an awesome patio with cabanas and couches, and in the winter there is an ice bar....brrrrr, not sure how I feel about that! Anyway, we had a nice time just chilling out and having some drinks for the first time together in about a year! Cheers to that. It's amazing how much you appreciate just a couple of hours of getting out together without any responsibilities. It's probably something we take for granted pre-kids.

Saturday we also went out with some friends to Mancini's Char House. Again, it was the first time in oh, so long that we have gotten to go out with friends. I think the last time was around the 4th of July. Anyway, even though it was an exhausting weekend to stay out a little later and be up with a baby in the middle of the night, I am so glad I forced myself to do it. It helped me realize there is an outside world still- ha! It's easy to not be proactive and make any plans with a newborn baby because you are so tired and it's hard to find people to watch such a little one AND a 2 year old...but I am thankful for in-laws who love to spend time with our boys. I am thankful that I forced myself to get out so I can feel a bit refreshed this week since I had some time for myself! I am hoping to try to do this at least once a month going forward. Any interested babysitters, please contact me. :)

So here's hoping there are more outings in my future, and that I don't wait that long again before getting in touch with life on the outside- ha!

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