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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Liam: Two Months

The Two Month Old.

It is hard to believe that two months ago we were in the hospital welcoming little Liam into this world. Although the time has gone fast, it also feels like he has always been with us.

At two months, Liam is growing! The last time he was at the doc (for his reflux a couple weeks ago) he was 11 pounds! His two-month check-up is tomorrow so we'll see if he's any bigger than 11! I am guessing maybe he is 11.5 or 12 by now. We will also see how he does for his first set of shots.

What else is Liam up to at two months? He is one STRONG boy (I'm not bragging, just observing). He stands up on his legs when you hold him under the arms. He looks around the room and even whips his head around. He busts out of his swaddle at night (and did at like 4 weeks old). He grabs on to my hair and I can't get him to let go. I think his massive strength is my fault- I taught BodyPump, Kickboxing and did cycling classes all through my pregnancy and of course I ran the entire time too. :)

 Liam's reflux seems to be under control, we finally found the correct dosage that works for him. He is eating like a champ (5 ounce bottles about 6 times a day). He is sleeping better too.  His night wake-ups are about 1:30/2 a.m and then again at 5:30/6 a.m (a couple of pacifier plug-ins in there too as well). His sleep schedule is a HUGE improvement from before he was on Zantac!

When Liam is awake, he is kicking, cooing and he has the hugest smile - it's almost a laugh. I don't think I have seen a happier baby before (at this age.) I can tell he recognizes my face which is so much fun. The funny thing though is he is happy one minute and without any warning will start into a blood curling scream and you can't calm him down for about a half hour. As Joe and I like to put it, Liam has lungs and he likes to let you know he has them! :) I have observed these episodes for 8 weeks now (trying to figure it out) and have finally just started to recognize a pattern. It seems as though even though he's only two months old, he is already falling into a routine for sleeping, eating and awake time (or maybe I am just figuring it out much sooner this time). He can handle about one hour of awake time and then he needs to be swaddled and laid down. So his pattern is: sleep a couple hours, eat, awake time for an hour, and repeat.

Liam also LOVES his bath. He kicks and wiggles in the tub. He loves the warm water. He hates getting out though. When I dry him off and lotion him up he also screams and is hard to calm down. I don't blame him, I hate getting out of a hot shower and into the cold air as well!
He likes to watch what his big brother is doing. He likes playing under his gym, looking at the mirror and kicking or grabbing the little alligator. He likes looking at the pictures on the wall and the colors on the TV. He also does not like to be left alone for too long. I think he just likes to be a part of the action and doesn't want to miss anything.

Time is flying by with these two boys. We are so lucky to have healthy and happy sons. Liam is a joy to have in our family and we cannot wait to watch him keep growing before our eyes and see his personality shine.
 Gym time!
 I captured that laughing smile of his!

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