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Friday, April 8, 2011

Times Are A Changing!

Here is a picture of my devious little toddler in his favorite playground mode!!!

I posted on my Facebook page today the following quote: "warm weather enters, and my good napper exits!" Today's blog entry will explain this quote a little more!

Braden, my active 18 month-old, has typically been a really good napper. His usual routine is taking a 2-3 hour nap from about 1-3:00ish or some days closer to 4:00. Notice that I explain his routine by using the PAST tense. :) This past week now that the weather is nicer and we are outside a ton more, he won't seem to settle down for his nap. For example, this past Saturday he never slept at all and was in his crib playing for the two hours during normal nap time.

I was telling Joe that now for the past week he will take about an hour to settle down and finally fall asleep. He suggested maybe putting him down a little earlier because all the outdoor playing could make him tired sooner and maybe he is overtired. So, today I tried that experiment and no such luck! I put him down at 12:40 or so and it seriously took him until almost 2:15 or so to fall asleep.(Well, I am assuming he even fell asleep as I type this since I don't hear the usual toys hitting the floor, feet banging on the crib or the chatting.)

I laugh because just when you think you are in a really good groove and know your toddler's needs, oh yes- they change! (unlike when they are a baby and you are guessing each and every day until something works.) I am not overly strict on the nap by any means, I just want to know what this little guy needs in order to remain his happy self. I do know that 18 months is way too early to give up a nap entirely- most kids give it up between 3-4. I also want him to be able to stay up at night to play w/ Joe (who doesn't get home until 6-6:30) and not have meltdowns due to overtiredness! So I know he still needs a nap...it's just a matter of figuring out how and when! So, my next test is just waiting until perhaps 2pm and give us more play time.

Who knows, maybe my experiment won't be as easy for me to figure out. I know that it's not just a toddler that keeps you guessing, but kids in general do! I am sure this is ONE of many things to test my motherly patience. :) All I know is that summer is approaching and I prefer to not have wasted time stuck inside, so if this 2-4 business works then it's a win-win because momma doesn't mind being outside enjoying the weather a little longer too! We shall see.....

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