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Monday, April 25, 2011

19 Months- Our Little Parrot

New hobby- coloring
Grocery shopping at the Children's Museum

Current favorite sport - basketball! (he talks about this ALL day long)

Hanging in his fort - the lawn mower box.

Taking over the new recliner

Braden turned 19 months this past Friday, right before the Easter holiday. His biggest development in the last month is his vocabulary. He repeats the last word of every sentence we say. For example, I'll say: "Let's get your shoes on because we are going to the store." He will repeat, just "store". That goes on all day long. He has become our little parrot! So, we better really watch what we say now! ha.

The words or sayings that he uses very frequently on his own (without prompting) are basketball (this one is used about 100x a day), window, worker (for the maintenance guys he sees outside), button, hallway, I don't know, no way, and applesauce to name a few. He is also getting good at people's names and can say some of our family members and neighbors names on his own when he sees them. It is really fun to be able to communicate more and more, but of course he also has entered the "no" stage. He clearly has his opinions on what he wants to do or what he wants to eat now. If I ask him if he wants a snack and he will say "no" but then 10 seconds later he'll grab for the snack. So, maybe the terrible two's are slowly approaching. Yikes.

Some activities that Braden has been partaking in the last month are: coloring on his own at the table (so nice), shooting hoops (he is obsessed w/ basketball), sitting in our new recliner - between he and Joe, I don't stand a chance on spending much time in it, enjoying the various activities at the Children's Museum (great venue for the bad weather this spring), playing with bubbles, and pretty much playing with anything and everything outside - especially the neighbors toys.

19 months has flown by and it's crazy to think that in a few months he will turn two and become a big brother right around that same time!

Easter pics to come soon....

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