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Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Fools!

All of us that live in MN know that the month of April has fooled us...warm weather came in, we even hit 70 a day or two...then bam, back to cold, wind and yes even an inch of snow surprised us this past weekend! Yes, we have crazy weather here in the north!

Anyway, I have tried to not complain too much about the weather this year because a.) I can't do anything about it and b.) it's Minnesota- and the weather in spring is always tricking us but we seem to forget that each year. I know, this year feels really bad though because it's mid-April and it feels like the winter has last forever because it was an awfully snowy one, unlike the past few mild winters. I am hopeful that the warm weather is right around the corner to stay though. Positive thinking is key!

Braden LOVED, LOVED, LoVeD getting outside those handful of nice days - we hit a handful of parks, played in the yard, etc... He would point out the patio door and say "outside!" If it was time to come in for lunch or anything else, he would cry. So, our boy is an outdoor man. Anyway, the point of my blog is - when the weather goes back to cold from being sooo nice for a week, it's REALLY hard to explain to an almost 19 month old that now we can't go outside because it's too cold. I am pretty sure he would have still gone outside, but momma is a wimp and could not bear the high of 45 degrees and almost 30 mph winds! Yuck. (I do have to say that I am thankful that we have been able to spend this nasty weather in our new house! It doesn't seem as bad when we have more space and more things to do inside versus if we were stuck in our townhome. That is probably the reason why I haven't been complaing too much about the LONG winter.)

So, this past week was long- we were stuck inside Wed-Sat for the most part (Today was sunny and not as windy so we managed to get out for a walk and a bit of playing). I tried to be creative by making couch forts, going to an indoor park, the library, the YMCA, etc... so all I have to say is the warm weather better be around the corner because it will help Braden and I both keep sane. :) I can only tickle-torture him so many times and now we need some new things to do!

The picture above is Braden doing his "summer please come fast" chant - he wanted to wear his swim diaper, yes, even over his clothes. Oh, mother nature please be nice to us SOON.

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