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Sunday, March 6, 2011

All Settled In...

picture as you enter from the front door. Dining room to left, kitchen straight ahead, living room in back.
Living/Family room.
New TV and our first fireplace! Eventually we want the TV above the fireplace, just not sure how to secure it up there yet.
Dining area to the left of when you walk in the front door.
Braden's bedroom.
Braden's bathroom.

Master Bath, my favorite- the large tub!
Master bedroom, could use some decor/color and new furniture. :)

Here are some pictures of our house!

We have been here for two weeks and are pretty much settled in. The boxes are unpacked (not including what I call "storage" in the basement), the pictures are hung for the most part and everything has a place. In time I am sure we will want to do some painting, more decorating, and buying of new furniture but for now we are settled in! I am sure it will take years to get it all fully decorated so I am keeping it very basic right now.

Braden is officially used to the new house (I think anyway). The first week was a bit rough like I explained in the last post, but now is playing by himself, running circles around the center island and throwing balls from room to room. He also likes to sit on the bench in his room and look out the window for airplanes or trucks driving by. He loves jogging down the driveway but I have to caution him about running into the street!

I'd say my favorite thing about the new house is the big, open kitchen. I enjoy cooking more with an open and spacious kitchen. I also like that the kitchen opens up to the living room, so Braden can play close by and not be in a totally seperate room. I also like the big tub in the master bath! I have used it, oh a handful of times already. Joe has his new TV set up in the living room and the big 52" TV downstairs ( that the previous owners left behind in the basement (aka "man cave") now has cable. So, he rotates back and forth between TVs...that might be his favorite part of the new house, or the fact that we don't have to share or debate over who gets to watch their show. (ok, maybe that's another favorite part for me- ha!)

We are excited to actually entertain people now, since the townhome pretty much prohibited us from having more than two people over. I can't wait until spring when everyone is outside grilling and playing and Braden can play with neighbor kids. I have met two neighbors with young kids so far that seem very nice. One made us cookies and tomorrow we have a coffee/playdate across the street. We feel welcomed! I also love seeing people walking and jogging on the path that goes throughout the community. This seems like a very active neighborhood.

We were both nervous how it might feel being a bit further out of the city and away from some of our favorite things. However, we are really loving the house, neighborhood, being close to my sister, and feeling a little more out in the country with more open spaces, woods, trees and some quiet roads. It seems peaceful here, but close to everything that we need!

All in all, it feels like home!

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Sarah said...

It's beautiful Bridget! Congratulations. I love the kitchen too. I also love the way you have the dining room decorated perfectly! Love it all!!