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Sunday, February 27, 2011

17 Months and New Surroundings!

Braden playing in our master bath shower!

Well, my first blog entry from the new house. It has taken a while because I couldn't locate the camera cord for dowloading pictures until lastnight. Oh, the joys of unpacking! :)

It has been quite a week. We have been in the new house since last Saturday afternoon. Braden arrived back from WI on Sunday afternoon in the snowstorm. It has been a pretty hard week for him - sickness, overtired and so confused by the new surroundings. He is very clingy to me and some seperation anxiety has set in again, yikes I thought we were past that. Hopefully he will be back to his happy-go-lucky self and more independent once everything feels like a routine to him again.

So, on top of taking care of a sick and clingy little guy, I have been busy unpacking/organizing, I too got sick, and I started teaching new classes at the YMCA and had to return to the townhome to clean and get it all ready for our renters. Needless to say, come this weeekend I am one exhausted momma!

It has been a good week to be in the new home, the snow and our bad colds have kept us snuggled in and allowing me to tackle the to-do list. One week later, I have unpacked all boxes and put everything away. We are almost done hanging up our pictures on the wall and we purchsed a new TV for the living room. Joe has enjoyed setting that up and admiring the big, clear picture!

Here are pictures of Braden in his new house as he turns 17 months! He is saying a ton of new words and he is loving all the space! He runs up and down the halls. He runs laps around the center island. He climbs the stairs with confidence. He gets into EVERYTHING that is in his sight- oh, I have my hands full until everything is not so new anymore! He loves to help shovel the driveway. He likes to explore in the unfinished basement and the spacious garage. Maybe the seperation anxiety is kicking in again because he is used to having me right next to him in the small townhome and now he has to come find me or see me from afar. :) Not a bad problem to have, he will adjust! :) It has been nice for me to find things that I forgot that I had because it was shoved away in the townhome. Now I can take my time to figure out where to store it, and change it to a new storage space if I don't like it there.

We are loving the new house and are working hard to get it more and more settled in each day. I can post some pics of the house in the next entry!

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