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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

18 Months...If Time Could Stand Still!

saying cheese for the camera!
New favorite toy!
Filling up with Unleaded!
Eating applesauce, big boy style!
Helping mom unload the dishwasher.
Making dinner, or rather a mess, next to Mom.

Braden turned 18 months old yesterday. Where has the time gone? I know many people say the 18-24 month old stage is their favorite and I have to admit, I wish we could just freeze right here for a while!

What is Braden up to at 18 months? Well, as you can tell by the pics he is quite the little helper. He helps to unload the dishwasher by handing me the dishes and silverware one-by-one so I can put them away. He also puts the laundry in and takes the laundry out of the dryer for me. When I make dinner, he makes his own little mess along side of me, also captured above.

He also got a new toy, the coup car, a hand-me-down that three Sullivan families have gotten to enjoy! The day he got it was like Christmas all over again. He could probably play with this car all day long, if we let him. His other favorite things to do are reading books, throwing balls, jumping in his ball pit, taking baths and playing outside.

Braden can eat applesauce all by himself out of the cup with a spoon. You can tell by the excitement on his face when I bring it out for lunch, that he either really loves applesauce or is obsessed with getting to use the spoon and feels like a big boy. He also does not sleep with his paci anymore. We wanted to wean him of it sometime after our move and before baby #2 arrives. One day I was telling him that he soon won't need it and Mom will take it away because big boys don't sleep with pacis. I asked him if he wanted to be a big boy that day and hand it over to me. After a lot of thought, he handed it over to me. I was amazed. He never looked back or made a fuss, amazing.

Our little man also says a ton more new words now: up, cheese, hippo, Elmo, pizza, yes, two, blue, applesauce, and three just to mention a few. He pretty much repeats most words that I say, so I can tell that he is really focusing on his vocabulary right now. He has a love for cartoons, I let him watch a show while I make breakfast and he doesn't flinch the entire time! He also could sit and watch an entire Disney movie - not sure if this is good or bad at this age. :)

He has lots of teeth now as well which makes it easier to eat a lot of different foods. We have a lot of kids in the new neighborhood, so it has been fun to watch him run outside and want to play with the other kids and do what they are doing. He is not afraid of most things and seems pretty curious/adventurous. I realize this could be scary later!

So, our little guy is growing fast and I am not one to get to sappy about certain stages or sad when they are over but I really wish this one could stay for a while. It's so fun to see his vocabulary increase as well as his overall understanding of what I say. He follows directions pretty good, so hopefully that stays, ha ha...not counting on it when we hit the terrible two's! :)

So Happy one-and-a-half Birthday to Braden and here's hoping this darn snow that just covered up our lawn can melt soon so we can get back to playing and exploring in our new neighborhood!

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