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Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Birthday - Cake Smashing Event!

What a fun weekend. Joe's parents came to town to see Braden around his birthday and they babysat Friday and Saturday so we could get out and have some fun. So, Friday we had a date night and went to dinner at First Course in MPLS. Saturday we went to the Twins game where Joe's 10AAA (Minneapolis Millers) baseball team was awarded their championship rings. I'll maybe do a separate post on that later. Anyway, we got home Saturday early evening and decided to do Braden's cake smashing event then with just us five.

This year we opted not to do a big party for the first birthday. This place is too small to host a bigger party, he doesn't really know the difference anyway, and there's just a lot going on right now....so it was a small celebration, but oh what fun!!

So, the cake smashing event started by taking Braden's shirt off and bringing him outside, less mess on the inside. It was hilarious to watch Braden react to the cake when we put it in front of him. He put his fingers on it at first, in the red frosting, and then started digging in after poking a few of the iced polka dots. He only had a few bites go in his mouth (I think) because he seemed more into the smashing than the eating. He was shaking with excitement and making his funny sounds. We were all laughing.

So, we are excited for our little man to turn one on Wednesday. We can't believe this time has come already. I will post some pics on Wednesday when we give him his presents. Thanks to Jack and Theresa for coming to celebrate and giving us a little time away. Fun and exciting weekend!

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Sarah said...

Aww, that is so cute! It looks like he had a lot of fun :) Happy birthday, Braden!