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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Passion for Fashion

I know most of you come to read updates on Braden or see what we are up to, which we appreciate by the way. :) However, I want to change it up a little and throw in some random topics to broaden my blogging scope! Here it goes.

My topic today is fashion. I believe I got this from my Mom who loved shopping, and off we went to TJ Maxx each school year for a major shopping spree. We also frequented Maplewood and Rosedale malls for other shopping excursions throughout the year.

Let's just say that being a stay-at-home has put a damper on my ability to shop. Money is the obvious reason, then we'll tack on the fact that I don't really need new clothes and also add that shopping with an 11 month old is impossible. Even though I don't work at a trendy company anymore or check out all the latest fashions as I walk through the skyways downtown, I do keep up on all the reality shows and subscribe to US Weekly. :) No, if you have a passion for fashion it never goes away.

So, I am attempting to find creative ways to tap my fashion side now that I am not living amongst it on a day-to-day basis. Here are my two ideas.

1.) Personal Shopper. I would love to help other people shop! So, if you have an event that you are struggling to find an outfit for or maybe you want to fix up something in your current closet with fun shoes and accessories for a reunion or a party- this is what I love! You can let me help you. I can start my own personal shopping business by meeting you at the mall for an hour. The above picture is an example of me shopping on a budget- cute trendy dress (for less) and a fun necklace to match. See, let someone else with the eye do the work if it stresses you out or you just don't know where to start.

2.) Clothes Swap. My current closet is a major frustration of mine. I need to clean it out but I am avoiding it because I am struggling to find out what clothes I want to keep. I know that now that I am not in the corporate world, I can probably part with some business clothes. I also have a bizarre portion of clothes dedicated to going out/party shirts. No questions please, I just have a lot of clothes and must have gone through a party shirt stage or something. Obviously I won't be needing those!! So, I would love to do a clothes swap! I bring business clothes and party/fun clothes and in return I am looking for everyday casual clothes or maybe a few things I can wear out to dinner or happy hour. So, it can be a clothes swap party- we can even have a glass of wine. (we have to wear the same size clothes though, so we'll disclose that if you are interested.)

So, if either of these interest you- email me at: sullivanbrid@gmail.com and we'll talk! Next post will probably be a Braden update, I promise. It's good to be a diverse blogger.

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Anonymous said...

check out the buffalo exchange in uptown...you might be able to combine all these into one! Have a good weekend! Dan