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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hubby Turns 30!!

So Monday was Joe's big 3-0! What a young pup! Over the weekend, I planned a surprise party at Wild Mountain Waterslides in Taylors Falls, Mn. Joe said he did not want to celebrate his birthday, but I couldn't let the milestone just pass on by without any fun. I planned this in mid-June and it went off without any issues! I told him he was going on a "summer adventure" with me. I packed up a cooler and we had our swimsuits and towels. The entire way he kept guessing where we were going - the Edina pool, another YMCA with a pool, then he guessed my Dad's as we headed north on 35W. When we pulled into Wild Mountain he was excited because he has never been there. He thought it was just us two and then spotted his sister and Todd and asked why they were there too. I laughed! Then he saw all the subway sandwiches and asked, "Why is there ALL this food?" So, I am glad my little plan worked. I was pretty sneaky- I ordered a bean bag game that was sent in from Chicago and hid it in my trunk during the week, I hid bags of chips in my closet and I frosted a cake in the garage the morning of the party. I am glad he didn't have a clue! It was a day of fun with friends and family!
Happy 30th Birthday Joe, I am glad you enjoyed your day of fun and being 13 instead of 30!!! Love you!

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IrishMommy said...

Thanks for the planning. What a way to celebrate his big "3-0", the boys had a fabulous time at Wild Mountain. Food and waterslides, what more could anyone ask for?