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Friday, January 11, 2013

Braden: 3 years + 3 months

January is passing us by, and I still haven't done my December update on the little dudes. Here it goes!

Braden is continuing to turn into a little man more and more each month. What is Braden up to lately? He is still loving his one day of preschool. As you can see from the picture above, he has also learned quickly how to maneuver the Ipad. Lately, he has been asking to play a lot of games. Good thing he got a couple of them for Christmas to keep him busy. He loves books too. I will read him a book one time, and he'll take it and try reading it on his own- basically memorizing what I said and he can repeat a lot of it back to me by just looking at the pages. He has a much better memory than his Mom, and one similar to his Dad's. I am in big trouble, between Joe and Braden they will not miss a single detail from here on out. Braden is still my social guy. He has made some good friends at school who we have had play dates with and see at the YMCA. He gets so excited to see his little friends. It is exciting to see all the things that Braden can do now and what things interest him. Some of his other interests now are building things, playing pretend, forts, Lego's, sledding and the list goes on. He is still so excited for any activity that we do.

Braden had a bad ear infection this week, so he is on the mend from that and the cold that came along with it. He is a trooper when he is sick, not complaining at all but maybe a slight mention that his ear hurts or he can't hear. I can just tell he is not himself so I always know when something is up.

He continues to be a big brother. Of course there is the shove here and there and the stealing of toys, but he does enjoy Liam and they spend a lot of the day chasing eachother around, laughing and racing cars or doing something together. It's so fun to watch these two grow on their own, yet together!

I adore the fact that Braden wants to try everything, he isn't scared off by many things (although he doesn't love parking ramps, skyways or elevators). I also appreciate that he has opinions already- "This is how much my door must be cracked open at night" and "Here is where I think I should go to school next year", etc.. There are so many things I love about Braden, but what sticks out right now is his determination and willingness to try new things at such a young age and his passion. The passion he eludes truly make me appreciate the little things in life like Christmas lights, snow, learning to dress himself with a "Mom I did it", or eating something yummy like Cherry Berry. We are so blessed to have Braden in our family of four. It makes my heart melt when I see him smiling at me across the room and hear a "Mom, I really love you!" No day can be bad when I hear that!

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