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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ticking Time Bomb!

Well, we are officially 10 days away from my actual due date. I started to refer to myself as the "ticking time bomb." Every time I call a family member, they jump at the phone to see if I am in labor. With every pain and change in how I feel, I wonder if this could be it? So, yes - we are all on pins and needles. As an overall update, yesterday I felt pretty cruddy- not able to eat much, exhausted, not sleeping, some sharp (non-contraction) pains, etc....but today I am back to normal and feeling great. It's amazing how it's basically a roller coaster these last days. I officially stopped teaching classes (most of you are saying it's about time) as of last week. I am trying to slow down and do mostly walking and a bit of yoga for the home stretch. Of course it would not be like me to just sit around and do nothing and take a total break! :)

Braden has been a trooper through this "almost" major transition time in his life. He doesn't put up too much of a fuss if we need to go inside and play for a while if I am getting to hot or can't stand on my feet outside playing anymore. If we only stay at the pool for an hour and a half because I am uncomfortable he seems to roll with the punches pretty darn good. I couldn't ask for a better toddler to help me through this time. Sure he's a busy bee that sometimes is hard to keep up with, but he is pretty darn easy going which I am soooooo thankful for. His sense of humor (in the pics below) is what basically keeps me going everyday towards the end here. He seems to know exactly when I need a good laugh. Last night I was in tears he had me laughing so hard. I hope he is still his silly self as he makes the transition to big brother. I will probably need his humor even more when a newborn is added to the mix and I am sleep deprived.  He says he is ready for the baby to "come out" and that he can't wait to play with, hold the baby, have he/she sleep in the next room, and sit by him in the new van. He also said he would like a little brother versus a little sister...so only time will tell! Will the ticking time bomb deliver a baby boy or girl into this world? AND.... when will he/she decide to appear? Will it be this weekend, will it be next week, will it be later? (For my sake, sooner than later let's hope!) Guess we are all waiting to find out!

For now, thank you my smiley and happy son who makes me laugh every day. You give me the motivation to keep plugging along and I can only hope that your little sibling can also get your sense of humor.

(By the way, these pics are dedicated to my Dad (Braden's Bapa) who was obsessed with spraying whipped cream into our mouths as kids (to the point that it was overflowing and we couldn't swallow it). Now Braden is practicing showing Bapa his whipped cream skills.)

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