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Monday, August 8, 2011

37 week update

Well, I have officially made it to the "full term" portion of pregnancy. This past weekend, I hit the 37th week milestone. At my last doctor appointment, I was showing progress towards labor (dilated to a 2) and doc said I could hang out here for a while, or this baby could come early. So, that helped kick things into high gear for me. That same week, I put the baby's room together, we bought a new vehicle, we installed the car seat, I finished my online training so I can be a cycle instructor at the YMCA come fall, and I made the last touch to upgrading Braden's room to his new "baseball" theme. Wow, what a busy week. :) Now I am trying to slow down and just spend time with our almost 23 month old, while also relaxing and enjoying being a family of three. Oh, and then there's the sleep thing. I am trying to stock up on sleep, but there are nights where I have horrible insomnia and get like 3-5 hours. It is just too uncomfortable to lay down some nights with where the baby is positioned and how he/she kicks and moves around. So, here's to a little more time to get better sleep and have a little relaxation time before life drastically changes! However, little baby- do not wait TOO long because I know that I am really close to calling it quits on this pregnancy thing! I stopped teaching classes now starting tomorrow- thank goodness most of you are saying. It is hard for me to stop doing anything due to ailments, so I am already looking forward to returning back to teaching and being able to move around like I used to. I know that will take a bit of time, but it's hard to not feel my normal active self!
This past weekend was really fun. Not knowing when life will change and we'll be dedicated to more time at home for a while, we are trying to get out and do fun stuff with Braden. We took him to the County Fair where he enjoyed seeing the animals, taking his first merry-go-round ride and sitting on the tractors. We sat by the fire with neighbors one night. We had dinner at our friend's the Nelsons and Braden and Cole got to play together. We also took a long family walk on Sunday morning, went out to breakfast, and visited my family at the Relay 4 Life. So, even though slowing down doesn't really sound like slowing down- it truly is slowing down to me! ha ha.

I will try to update the blog with any more progress...and of course baby news once the big day comes! Braden says he is ready to be a big brother and that he will help out. I keep telling him how special big brothers are and how much fun it will be to have a sibling so he won't be by himself. Here's hoping that he really means it and the transition from one to two can go OK- for this momma's sake! :) Please, oh please!

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