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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Neighborhood:

1. It has it's own pool - little and big. We have hit the pool about 2-3x/week this summer!

2. All of the parks that are close by- about 5 of them we can walk to!

3. The trails for biking, walking, running (makes being away from the MPLS lakes not as bad). 

4. The elementary school is a couple blocks away (will be so nice when that time comes).

5. Great neighbors, where fun is right in the backyard, for example:

6. The ice cream truck drives by (this will haunt me when my kids are older, but for now it's fun)!

7. There are tons of families with young kids.

8. It's pretty close to some of my hometown favorite places, like (Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater):

9. It's a lot closer to my family.

10. Did I mention the great neighbors?
(Fires at night with smores and drinks (haven't been able to partake in the drinks but I am waiting), adult laughter, kids playing, other stay-at-home moms around to hang with, etc....)

I am sure I can add even more to the list above, but you get the picture. (Joe would probably add that if we walk to the end of our block, you can see WISCONSIN- or what he calls God's Country.) It has been about 6 months now that we have lived here and we are so glad we made the move, although it seemed big/drastic at the time! We enjoy feeling like we are more out in the country, but have everything we need right here at the same time!

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