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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Braden at 21.5 Months!

Making smoothies with Mom- smoothie moustache to prove it!
Drinking from the slip-n-slide
Waffles at the big counter
Donkey kick with his boots on!
Making muffins with Mom.

With my laptop being on the fritz, I missed a 21 month recap for Braden a couple of weeks ago. So, let's make this his 21.5 month update since his 22 milestone is in just a couple of weeks.

What is Braden up to at 21.5 months? Well some of the pictures above say it all. He LOVES water. He likes to water my plants and flowers and will put up a big fuss if I don't let him. He drinks from the squirt gun. He drinks from the slip-n-slide, he loves the pool and the lake. He loves baths. He always is asking for a drink of water...and it really is all about water! He loves all kinds of trucks, tractors, semis, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, etc.. He loves digging in the sand and could do it all day long. He loves to help mom vacuum, sweep, cook and empty the dishwasher. When I cook, he pulls a chair up to the counter and tries to help, and by helping that includes stealing licks or bites too. (Thank goodness for his helping skills because I will need him to be a good helping when baby arrives!)

Braden is also talking even more now- putting a few words together now like "I see it", "open it",  "I want it" and "up here". He also remembers everything- we drive past his doctor office and he will point it out and say "doctor" - so he is very observant and doesn't miss a beat. He is a funny guy- chases me around the house with a scary monster voice, jumps on dad like a trampoline and likes to roll down hills and play timber where he falls down. He does donkey kicks in the air and I can get him to belly laugh pretty darn easy which is fun. He is pretty social too- when he sees neighbors outside he runs over screeching and wants to play. He also is very expressive- showing emotions for scared, sad, mad, happy and making the faces that go along with them. Of course there are some toddler meltdowns, tantrums and some stern "No's" when I ask him to do something, but all in all he is a happy and fun little guy. I am lucky to spend my days with him.

All in all, we are having TONS of fun with Braden this summer. There has been no shortage of pool time, lakes, parks, sandboxes and digging, trips to the zoo and the list goes on. He is at such a fun age and I am trying to make this summer as quality-as-can-be before life changes for us all when a new baby arrives in about six weeks.

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