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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Anniversary 6.0

Still a bit behind in blogging. :) Trying to pick up the pace a little here, but social media makes it a bit difficult as I feel like I am repeating myself with some pictures or posts. Oh well, blogging gives the more in-depth details for family or friends who live far away who want to keep up with us.

Back in May, we had our 6-year anniversary. It's our tradition to head up to GrandView Lodge for a weekend of fun. We now include the boys in this tradition as they love going there and talk all year long about it. Their favorites are the waterslide, the game room, the candy store and sleeping together in the same bed (this was a first-- and there definitely was not much sleeping thanks to Liam the chatterbug!) :)

We usually get a special Spring rate which includes a cabin by the lake and all your food/drinks for the weekend. It's an awesome family weekend to look forward to each year. The boys are to the age where they remember every little detail about it and get extremely excited- from the "are we there yet"( in the car) to the "can we go to the waterslide again?" (at 7am of course). It is a tradition I hope we continue to keep.

Here are some pictures of our fun weekend. Of course we never took a family picture, but I think you can tell the boys had just a wee-bit of fun (and so did we, just seeing their excitement makes the weekend even better!)

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