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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Surviving SPRINter

I am finally back to blogging as I figured out how to load pictures, which wasn't working for a few months! Now, where to I begin. It's been a while!

Well, we are surviving SPRINter in Minnesota! SPRINter is new term they are using to describe what normally is Spring but yes, this year it feels more like winter in April. We had a couple of really  nice days and people instantly came out of the woodwork to take walks or ride bikes. It's amazing how long we go without seeing people out and about and the first nice days, everyone comes out of hiding. I am sure we have plenty of chilly days to come this month so I won't get excited. It is only April, which means up and down weather of course. 

We have been keeping busy the past few months. The boys are growing by leaps and bounds. I don't even know where to begin. I took them to Disney On Ice one night which they loved. It was fun to watch them sprint through the sky-ways just getting to the Target Center. :) We also had a fun time celebrating St. Patrick's Day- the boys woke up to green pee in the toilet and the same little leprechaun made a mess all over the kitchen. What a crazy guy that leprechaun. The boys also helped me hand out candy at the senior party that morning at the YMCA which they loved. They got to wear their fun St. Pat's outfits. Joe and I went out that weekend and didn't quite have green beer, but stopped at an Irish Pub for some drinks and live music with friends.  

This season in particular it seems as if the boys are growing up faster than ever. Liam is a big boy bed, cruises along on his bike and is potty-trained (for the most part). Woo-hoo! Braden can write his name, and just earned his "blue" wristband at the Y so he can swim in the kid-pool up to his chest without us right next to him. This is huge because if I ever take them swimming by myself there's no way I can stay with both of them as they are crazy in the pool and try to swim off.

This summer will be loads of fun watching these two run around. On the two couple of nice days they barely came in for lunch and were outside biking, collecting bugs, playing baseball, golf, frisbee, football and the list goes on. Braden will play soccer and T-ball this summer. Liam is only a couple months short of being able to play the littlest sports league, so we will have to wait until next year. He reminds me daily that he is "two-and-a-half" though and is a big boy! They are playing soccer on Friday mornings at the Y while I work and soon basketball starts. They are getting plenty of running around time on colder days and of course outside on  the nice days.

I am keeping very busy at the Y both with classes and gaining a lot of new clients. It's an exciting and fun time. Joe is also busy at work with some travel in there too. We are making time for our annual trip up north for our anniversary soon as a family and the boys cannot wait. Each year of travel and outings gets a bit easier and more fun. They keep us on our toes and constantly are in amazement at the things they say and do! Easter is upon us, they are pumped for the Easter bunny. I am running a 10k over the weekend and hope to break  some new records of my own- ha, not really. I have been training all winter, so it will just be nice to get outside and let the shoes cruise around the lakes instead of the treadmill.

Disney On Ice
My Little Leprachauns
Warm Day Outside= happy boys!
Puddle jumping!

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