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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Circus Circus

A couple of weeks ago, the Personal Trainers at the Woodbury YMCA had our Holiday outing. Once I heard "Trapeze" as the theme of the outing, I knew I had to attend. I looked at the website that was sent to us and quickly glanced over the details. It sounded fun, adventurous and something I probably wouldn't do on my own (without a little nudging anyway).

Little did I know that I would be coached into a series of trapeze swings that would end with this as my grand finale! And boy, was it up a lot higher than I thought it would be. :) I accomplished some fears that night for sure! It was scary at first, but amazingly awesome and fun. What an adrenaline rush! This place is right in St. Paul if you want to try it out! It's called Twin Cities Trapeze.

Here's a picture of the stairs to get up to the "small" platform. :)

A picture of my entire Trapeze team that night.

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