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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Braden John: 4 years + 1 month & 4 years + 2 months

Braden is just a bit over four, but somedays I think he is about 10. He catches things that I miss, he remembers names really well (unlike me) and he also corrects me if I get a minor detail wrong. Sounds just like someone else in our household, hmmmm. :)

The best things about Braden (if I had to narrow it down) are the following: He has a pretty laid-back demeanor but likes to stay busy, he is always up for anything, he is easily excited about little things (I hope this lasts a bit longer), he listens fairly well, he doesn't typically put up a fight if he is mad about something (less tantrums for me and just a "oh man" instead). I also like that he likes to be challenged, choosing the seek-n-find books everynight for his bedtime book. I also love how he gets a big smile on his face when he is proud of himself - like when he writes his name right.

Even though Braden and Liam are now into a lot of the same things, Braden is a good big brother showing his little brother how to do things or helping him (and me) out. Of course there is plenty of fighting, but I am sure it's hard to have someone smaller taking all of your stuff. I laugh when I find "secret" stashes of toys around the house. The big milestone as of late, is Braden moved into n official big boy bed- a step up from his "little boy bed" (crib with the rails off). He now sleeps in a twin bed and looks like a tiny little boy. I prefer him this way than hanging off the crib size mattress! :)

Braden attends pre-school two days a week and loves it. He will have one more year of pre-school since he has a fall birthday and has to wait another year for Kindegarten. I hope to keep him challenged and busy that last year! Right now it's a bit hard when we have to be home for Liam's naps. I can't blame him as I like to be out and running around a lot too. Hopefully this winter I can keep him moving and busy despite the cold! (May not be a problem as you can see in the shoveling pic above).

We are super excited for Christmas this year. Braden is already picking out things he wants and he actually listens to me when I tell him that Santa is watching so we must be good! We love watching Braden grow and learn each month, he is slowly becoming a little man - one that makes us so proud to call our own.

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