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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Best running partners/coaches

I'm a pretty lucky lady to have these two smiley guys to keep me company on my runs. A couple of times during the week, we head out right after breakfast and hit the trails of Woodbury. We always have the following in tow: hats, sunscreen, water, toys and only two-thirds of us wear shoes! Some days are hot and we hit a few sprinklers, some days are chilly and we put blankets on little legs.

Needless to say, we all like to soak up the fresh air, sunshine, and whatever scenery we happen to see that particular morning. Sometimes it's birds, kites, kids going to school, buses, construction trucks or horses.

In preperation for my first duathlon next weekend, I've been trying to log a few extra miles these past few weeks. I have to thank my running partners/coaches- they keep me company, give me motivation and are pretty good sports- coming with me without much fuss!

Even though it's hard work pushing an extra, who knows, 70 lbs. let's say- I'll be sad when the winter arrives and I'll have to protect my little running partners/coaches by keeping them indoors instead! Until then, I'm going to keep enjoying these wonderful running mornings.

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