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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Braden John: The big THREE!

Our little Hobo
Fun at the Zoo
Candle blowing!
The Thomas cake he's had his eyes on for months!
Mean, lean football machine.
I'm a little behind in blogging. Life gets the best of us sometimes- this month was busy with pre-school starting, a one-year-old with a horrible reaction to Amoxicillin (lasting 8 days), a Duathlon for me, and last but not least a three year old birthday!

Yes, Braden turned three this past weekend on Saturday. The birthday festivities actually started on Wednesday at his school. They threw him a little party and he brought cupcakes for everyone. He got to bring home a giant birthday bag- inside was a book and stuffed turtle that he could keep for a week, along with a new matchbox car, crayons and a birthday ribbon that he got to keep. What an amazing pre-school teacher he has. Miss Deanna made him feel so special. Thursday I took the boys to Como Zoo. It was a beautiful fall day. We took in all the animals and then stopped for an ice cream cone on the way home. Friday we had a mini-party. Braden had a few little dude friends over for some pinata fun and then pizza followed by cake and ice cream. Then on Saturday, the birthday boy woke up and opened his presents. Then we headed to Target for a donut and chocolate milk (yes, his breakfast choice) and then we went to the Jackson Street Roundhouse train museum in St. Paul for their family day. We toured old trains. We took a train ride. We roasted Smore's outside. Braden got his face painted and played with the train tables. It was a great day for the birthday boy- he had a smile on his face the entire time, especially on the train ride. Liam enjoyed it too. That night Joe had an event to head to, so I let Braden pick whatever he wanted to do. So, we had a movie marathon. We watched two movies, ate snacks and cuddled on the couch together. He was in heaven. Turning three is a lot of fun. I had fun celebrating with him, although on Sunday I was a little tired!

As my oldest son turns three, these thoughts come to mind:
Just over three years ago, we had no idea what parenthood was about and we hadn't met you yet. When you joined our family, our lives changed drastically. We never new a love like that existed. We watched you grow and change from a baby into a toddler so quickly. Now, at three you feel like a little man to us. You go to pre-school. You use big words like "actually". You say funny things like, "is this a good idea Mom?" You love trains, baseball, climbing, books, playing with friends, going places, building forts, riding your bike, and watching movies. I love how excited you get when you can do something new- today you climbed to the top of a jungle gym and you got the biggest smile and said "I did it Mom." You are laid-back and easy-going, always up for anything. You ask to try everything on your own. You are outgoing, social and love to be around other kids and people. I love when I walk into your room in the morning and you greet me with a "Hey Mom". While we watched a movie the other night, you turned to me and said "I really love you Mom" and it melted my heart. I am so proud of the kind, sweet, caring, loving, funny, smart, adventurous, happy and creative boy you are. I love that your reports from school always say you were happy, loved whatever the project of the day was, and that you always help clean up. I get a smile on my face when you hug your little brother when you don't think I'm watching. I could go on and on about all the things you do that make me so proud. I know this time goes so fast. I am taking a step back to soak it all in and enjoy it while it is here. I love these fall days when we head outside after nap and don't come back until dinner time- taking in the scenery, talking and playing together. I learn so much from you. Your view of the world helps keep things into perspective for me. I try to keep a balance of letting you be independent and figure things out, but yet being here if you need me and teaching you things.

Braden, you turned three and you seem like a little man but you are still my little boy. I peek in at night and watch you sleep peacefully. You are an amazing little guy, and I can't even imagine how proud I will be of you as years grow by. I know you will go places with your can-do attitude and your sunny disposition.  You are loved in so many ways by so many people and I hope you never forget that. You put smiles on others faces- from strangers you pass, to family and friends. You have touched us in so many ways in just these three years, we are so looking forward to all that is to come!

Happy third birthday, sweet Braden.

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