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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Liam Jude: One Year Celebration

Today was a big day. Our little man, Liam Jude, turned one. The day started off with filling his crib with balloons and singing "Happy Birthday". We then had donuts and blew out a candle. We played outside with Liam's new water table (he was shaking he was so excited). We headed to Como Zoo- Mom, Braden and Liam. We are sorry that Dad had to work and miss out on the fun. We took in rides and animals. Liam rode his first ride, and then he took in a total of four. Braden rode about six total, going on a few big rides solo. We watched the polar bear swim, the monkeys swing, and the sea lions jump and dive. We ended the adventure with a ride on the carousel. We piled in the car, and before we pulled away our birthday boy was out cold. Big brother didn't make it all the way home either, zonked. Both boys woke when the car pulled in the garage. We said the heck with naps and played with the water table again and chased balloons around the house. The rain came down, so we started a movie. Then it was dinner and cake smashing time. Dad was home to join in the festivities. Liam dug right in. He may be the first one year old to eat the most cake. :) Oh what fun turning one is! . To end it, Liam took his first THREE steps alone. What a memorable day.

Liam, as you turn one I want to write you a letter straight from the heart. I want to take a step back and capture this past year and all that it has meant to me.

A year ago today, you joined our family of three and we became a family of four. As soon as you were there, it felt like you had always been there. You seem to balance us out. Yes, we are all family but we are all different in our own ways. You bring energy, spunk, emotion and silliness to our family. You are very expressive. One minute you have the biggest smile I have ever seen on a one-year-old and it melts my heart. The next minute your pouty lip, crocodile tears and loud shriek show me that you have a sensitive side too. I have learned what makes you belly laugh - tickle spots, games that you think are funny. I also know what makes you mad or sad - getting a toy taken away from you, or me leaving the room where you can't see me. I know what makes you happy- your bottle, seeing your stuffed puppy when you are tired. I love that special time with you each night I put you to bed- we sing, rock and snuggle. I give you butterfly kisses and you laugh and put your head closer for more.

I love the excitement you show when you see dogs or animals at the zoo. I love the fuzzy, wispy hair on the top of your head. I love your cute feet and the folds in your thighs. I love watching you push cars around the house or chase balls. I adore the way you look at your big brother- staring at him in your car seat to see what he's doing. I love your babble talk, always chatting away or pointing at things. I can't wait to show you more things and make more fun memories with you and our family of four.

You are the piece of the puzzle that makes our family whole. You are so loved and I hope you always know that. I want you to grow up always feeling loved, appreciated and special. I know the time will go so fast and you will grow up right before our eyes. I am trying to appreciate your every stage of growth and soak it all up since it's already going quickly. I relish my time with you, and the nights where I can put you to sleep and give you butterfly kisses (I am sure there will be a day where you refuse butterfly kisses- ha). I am proud of what you have become already at one, I can't imagine how proud I will be at your high school graduation. :) Just in the last two weeks I have watched you change and grow. Our days are busy and go quickly, but I want to make sure I relish all of your milestones.

You are so fun at one, and I can't wait to see what you surprise us with each day from here on out. Your smile and energy are contagious. You make me feel young. I am going to have to stay young to keep up with you as you grow. You are our baby, our youngest son, our Liam Jude. You are amazing. We are so lucky to have you in our family. We are blessed to have you as ours. Happy Birthday.
Love you more each and every day, your Momma.

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