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Monday, August 4, 2014

Braden John: 4 years + 10 months

Braden is less than two months from turning FIVE. With his late September birthday, he missed the Kindergarten cut off and will go next year instead. So, one more year of preschool for Braden. He will attend three days a week starting this Fall which will be a good challenge for him.

Speaking of challenge, Braden is a guy who loves a challenge. He likes things that make him think. He loves games, seek and find books, yo-yo's (trying to figure out how to do it), Rubix Cubes and the list goes on. Braden also loves sports. He played Soccer and T-ball this year. He said he just wants to do T-ball going forward (and swimming lessons) so we will see, minds get changed a lot around our house.  He didn't like soccer as much because he doesn't like to play defense he told me. After watching him at T-ball this summer, I'd have to say he gets the "hard-worker" and "hustler" award. He is very serious when it's T-ball time. He runs over for a drink between innings and runs right back to his spot in the field or bench. He is very focused. I can assume his Dad was just like this in sports at a young age. It will be really fun to watch Braden over the years. I would guess that baseball is in his future, but again we will see.

Braden is a sweet and caring boy. If Liam wants a certain thing and they are fighting over it, he is the first one to give in saying "fine you can have it" when Liam cries. He loves being around people, Braden is never one to play by himself. He always asks if there is a friend around to play with. If he sees kids outside he jumps right in and plays with them. Braden is shy, he won't go up to new people or he sometimes is hesitant to make eye contact with a new person. He takes some warming up, again like his Dad.

It's so fun to watch Braden grow and get more mature, more social, more into sports and it's fun to have conversations with him. He is already stumping me at age almost 5! I am in big trouble.....he will keep me on my toes.

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