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Monday, July 29, 2013

Liam: 1 year + 11 months

As crazy as it sounds, I am now telling people (when they ask) that Liam is almost two! It is much easier to say "two" than it is to say "one-and-eleven-months" obviously, but it has me really thinking about his upcoming birthday that's just now just a couple weeks away. It is hard to believe that two years has passed us by. I remember just like it was yesterday that I was 9 months pregnant and very hot and sitting in the pool wondering when he/she would arrive (at that time we weren't even sure if it was a boy or girl).

Now, a little less than two years later Liam is a crazy man- running, jumping and doing whatever his big brother does. He is fearless and adventurous. He doesn't always listen and likes to test me, but he is also silly and sweet. He is sensitive and caring. He is pretty hilarious. This month he took his first roller coaster ride and loved it. I sat next to him and I am not sure who giggled more, Liam or Mom. He also started to do all the dangerous things at the park that an almost two year old should NOT be doing, such as hanging from the monkey bars or trying to climb very STEEP things. So, yes I have had quite a few panic attacks this summer. He also saw his first movie in the theater and of course only sat still for about 20 minutes before he started playing with the bouncy seats and running around.

Liam wants to ride his brother's bike already- climbs right on and starts to pedal without a helmet- yikes. He also jumps right into the pool, so right now he doesn't go in the pool area without a life jacket on! I am busy running constantly between these two guys. Liam keeps me on my toes more than I ever thought possible. As I type this, he is next to me doing jumping jacks and saying "Watch Me Mom." His vocabulary has picked up a ton lately- saying 4-5 words in a row. His favorites are "Help me Mommy or Daddy" or "More pancakes please Mommy or Daddy" and of course my favorite, "It's breakfast time Braden!" He is very vocal and excited about life. He is also not a fan of loud noises - for fireworks we had to watch in the house as he was freaking out with the pops and bangs!

This summer has been a joy to watch Liam learn and grow and transition into a very active and busy toddler!

Mr. Dangerous at the park

He definitely loves water!

 Shopping at Target is not his finest moment let's just say!
 First rollercoaster ride at the MOA!
Building his first pizza!

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