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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Braden: 3 years + 10 months

So in my last post, I talked about how I tell everyone that Liam is "almost" two, and with Braden I say "almost" four. Four seems like a big jump from three to me for some reason. I think it's because at four it seems as though you get to do some of the "big" stuff like sports, preschool, and play with older kids and be able to keep up with them now.

Braden eludes the word "active". He is always asking to play baseball, basketball, golf, volleyball, badmitton, soccer and every sport he sets his eyes on. He could literally run all day long and not be tired until we tell him to lay down for bedtime. It's funny because as I type this, I realize the same is probably true for both Joe and I - so I can't wonder where he gets this from! :)

Braden has had a great summer so far. He has had four mornings at camp (organized activities at a park for 3-5 year olds), he has had a few summer days at Preschool with his school friends, he has played Tball and Soccer, he has really improved in swimming, he has put some miles on his bike and the list goes on. He cranks the baseball in his throw and he can hit an overhand pitch.

I really enjoy taking Braden places because he gets so excited and once we arrive he is just eager to explore and do whatever. In a group setting, he blends right in and plays with the other kids and I barely hear a peep from him. He loves to be around people. He always wants someone to play with or to be around people. He can be shy at times but really needs that social interaction. He is so curious and asks very in-depth questions these days. He keeps me on my toes mentally and I suspect that he will continue to do so from here on out.

Serious T-baller
Already wanting to "spike" his own hair!
Yep, this one likes water too!
Loving the rollercoaster at the MOA

I think he grew a little, don't you?

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