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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Braden: 3 years + 9 months

Braden has hit his all time peak of activeness in his third year and ninth month of life! :) He started his first official sports league- a combo of soccer and T-ball where they learn the basics. It has been really fun to watch. He takes it very seriously. As you can tell in the pictures, he is very focused and an excellent listener- not wanting to break any of the rules laid out by the coaches. He works so hard he has to take multiple water breaks. I am sure that he will want to play more T-ball in the future. I am not so sure about soccer. He said he liked it fine, but that it wasn't his favorite. :)

Braden is constantly on the go - I wonder where he gets that from? If he isn't riding his bike, playing ball or running around then he wants to go places or see people. During our down time at home, he is busy thinking up games for he and Liam to play or chasing Liam around. He loves to read (always asking for more books) and if we allow it, he loves games on the Ipad or to watch a cartoon. He is really enjoying swimming this year, dunking his head under to dive for things and staying under for a few seconds.

He doesn't nap anymore, but he usually wears himself out from the day's activities and is ready for bed around 8pm and will sleep until 7:30 a.m now. He is also still my sensible guy. If I say no to something, he may ask why. He will then listen to my reason, and then usually drops it and moves on without throwing a fit. Braden wants to do everything by himself now- from putting honey on his own PB & honey sandwich or getting dressed in the morning. It's been such a joy to watch him grow and change. He is an amazing kid to be around and we are blessed to call him ours!

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