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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Liam: 21 months

Woah, this full-of-spunk little guy is turning TWO this summer. Crazy. He says, "birthday", "two", "candles" and "cake"- so he knows it's coming. He can also sing "Happy Birthday" in his cute little boy voice that melts my heart. He told me he wants a "ball" themed cake so I will make sure that happens!

Liam is our baby boy and he too amazes me each day. He can do more and more things every week it seems. He now climbs up things at the park without me around, think jungle gym ladder with skinny bars and taller than a not quite two-year-old should be climbing on- yikes! He also loves to slide and do or say whatever his brother is doing or saying. :) Monkey see, monkey do at this age!

Liam is hilarious and he is also my little buddy. At parties, he doesn't venture too far away from me- if he does he will come back and check on me every 5 to 10 minutes. He is a mama's little boy. He is more and more into animals each day- pointing out geese as we drive in the car, crying if we don't stop to see the ducks on a walk and he will sit and hang out with a puppy all day long. We went to the zoo the other week and Braden was done with each exhibit after about two minutes and Liam could sit and watch each animal forever (kinda like his Dad). So he seems to have a very nurturing side, when he's not hitting his brother that is.

It is absolutely crazy that this guy is turning two in a couple of months. I am excited for all the new things to come for him. I am relishing that he still likes to snuggle before bed and likes to sit on my lap once in a while during the day. I am learning how emotional he is- if someone is upset he gets really upset too. Liam is one special little guy and we are so glad he is ours! He brings so much joy, love and laughter to our family! His spinning, dancing, splashing in the tub and belly laughs are just a few of the things that make us giggle on a daily basis.

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