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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Braden: 3 years + 8 months

First kiddie cocktail- he said "it's too bubbly"- ha!
Waiting for swim lessons
He picked Spiderman face paint at Como Zoo last week
Going on rides all by himself 

As Braden turns a month older, he also finished his first year of pre-school. Next year he will move up to two days per week. He also finished swimming lessons (we take the summers off) and was trying really hard to complete his 2 yard back stroke and 2 yard front stroke unassisted. He is getting so close. He is great floating and swimming with a noodle, putting his head under, jumping in so his next step is to swim all alone no floaties! This coming month he will start T-ball and do a few summer camp days. He is growing each and every day. My oldest guy is turning four this fall- crazy.

Braden is as busy as ever. He constantly wants to ride his bike. Now that Spring-ish weather is finally here, he asks to ride his bike about 10x per day! It is fun to see the things Braden can do now and things he wants to try. He climbs the jungle gym at the playground and the climbing wall unassisted- yikes. I still have to stand behind him just in case. :) If I wasn't chasing Liam around all the time, I could spend more time doing the bigger things w/ Braden but he seems to be independent enough at times to ride his bike ahead, or venture off on the playground and do his own thing. We are constantly in the yard pitching balls to each other and he is already smacking them out of the yard (ok, well our yard isn't very big).

It's fun to watch him with his little brother. My ears perk up when I hear in a cute little voice, "Liam do you want to come with me?" Of course there is fighting, but it is fun to sit back and watch these two interact. Braden is still a ton of fun to be around- screaming with excitement when we go places. He is starting to have more opinions about places we go, things we do, or what he wears. Double yikes. He loves playing with kids in the neighborhood- he will just go up and ring someone's bell and ask to play. He is social and doesn't want to miss a thing.

Braden received his end of the school year award from his teacher, Miss Deanna, and it said that he makes her smile because he is the one child that always asks for more books at story time. He is our little book worm. He could read books all day (and ride his bike or play ball).

We are so proud of Braden, who he is, how he is growing up and we are amazed by how his personality is shining more and more each day.

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