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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Fun!

Well, it's been a long chilly spring here in MN. We are patiently waiting for all the snow to melt and the temps to get warm enough so kids can play outside. Today was pretty decent, but still below average. The streets are flooded with water. We get outside, get wet and get back in to eat dinner and bathe all the mud & water off little bodies. Mother nature has been not so nice to us this year, but we are so excited for warm weather to start.

It will be so fun to see what the boys will be up to this summer. Braden talks about baseball and more baseball, along with going fun places like parks and swimming in pools. Although today we hit golf balls and he does also love to ride his bike and just run. Wonder where he gets that from? He can climb up all the big stuff at the play structures now too so it will be nice to not have to be following behind him so close this year.

Liam on the other hand is my non-cautious guy, unlike his older brother, and I will have to watch him every second. He is the risk-taker. He splashes in the puddles, giggles and goes back for more. He runs into the pool at the YMCA even though the water is over his head. He runs the other way when you tell him to come. So, I will have my hands full when we get outside! He loves to throw balls and run down the driveways, and yes there is always a fall with a scrape or running into the street when I tell him to stop. Oh boy. I better have my fast reaction skills ready to go. His little feet go faster than his legs, or vice versa I am not sure, so far there are a lot of tears as he tumbles over on the pavement.

It will be a lot of fun to watch these guys play this summer, now if we only could get above 50! It's gotta be so close. Hope everyone is surviving by thinking nice weather and all the fun stuff you want to do just like we are!

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