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Monday, April 29, 2013

Liam: 1 year + 8 month

 Handsome haircut!
 Being silly!
 Will he be a lefty? He loves ball!
Walking down the stairs, taking a break w/ his toothbrush!
Wow, Liam is 20 months old and the big TWO is approaching quicker than I expected. What is Liam up to this month? He is full of Shenanigans. By that, I mean he is my little jokster and playful fella. He will steal his brother's teddy or favorite car and go running around the house as fast as he can until big brother is in tears. He also has turned into a crazy animal as I change his diaper. It seriously is like trying to wrestle a gator. I have to use my legs to pin him down and it still takes 10 minutes because he flips around and kicks and laughs so hard as he sees me struggle. Liam says more words each and every day. Basically whatever his brother says, he tries to say now. It's a lot of fun to see these guys being active and outside now that spring has decided to bless us. Liam loves splashing in puddles. He loves riding in the Coup car. He loves his water table- he could play with that for hours. He loves  pressing the buttons in the van, making the doors open and close. If I take him out when he's playing, he will kick and scream and let me know how mad he is at me. But that wears off about 20 minutes later and he is back to playing with something else. Liam still loves to throw and chase balls, and of course most of them are thrown into the street so I have to watch him at ALL TIMES right now. He can also walk down the stairs like a big boy now, and wants to practice all the time holding the wall and walking down one step at a time. BIG BOY!

Liam had a slight fever for a few days with a runny nose and low and behold he popped about 8 teeth in a week! He went from having 6 teeth total to about 14. We have his check-up next week, and I'm pretty sure he weighs real close to big brother. Liam is a STRONG little boy. He can hang from things, push up on things and it is hard to get things away from him. He loves soaking up all the things there is to see outside- from bugs to trucks and planes.

I recently spent a week alone with the boys and we lost Liam's puppy at Target, but the next day they had him there so he was reunited with his snugly sleep/comfort toy. Phew. He understood when I told him Puppy was lost, and he was all smiles when he was reunited. It's so much fun to watch Liam grow, change and learn each day. He understands everything you say and even though his stubborn "No" is heard a lot or his "Stop It" - he still makes me laugh and is still my sweet little baby boy who likes to snuggle. Even though this stage is a bit exhausting, I am trying to soak it all in as it does go fast and I will take the cuddles when I can get them! He is definitely a Mama's boy. If I am missing from his view, he will come find me within five minutes yelling "Mama" at the top of his lungs. It is a good feeling to be loved so much. Liam's infectious belly-laugh is the best sound ever!

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