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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Liam: 18 months

Our little lad is already a year-and-a-half! With this milestone, he is running towards the twos! He says a ton of words now- more so than just last month. Newly added are: trouble, shovel, piggy, tubby (for bath) and so many more! He can say a few two word sentences as well.

Liam is hilarious. He is very set in his ways. He refuses to wear mittens outside (screams at the confinement of his hands) but then cries because his hands are cold. There's no rationing with this one. Liam is so funny to watch. The following things give him the hugest smile on his face: a ball or a balloon, seeing the gym (where there are balls), his teddy or little dog that he sleeps with, baths, mealtimes, throwing him up in the air or bouncing him, seeing a puppy or bird, and of course seeing Mom and Dad or Braden after one of us has been gone. Liam is a lover of animals, balls and food you could say. He will come running so fast if you mention it's a mealtime or tell him there's a puppy walking by or a ball to play with. Although in the food category his new game is to throw things across the room or throw his entire plate across the table. That is really fun for Mom to clean up various times a day! :) This too shall pass, I hope anyway.

Liam is getting more teeth- the two year old molars are coming in and one more bottom one. He is as fast as ever, running when you say "Go" or "1, 2, 3 Go" he races across the room with his little legs. He loves doing anything his brother does, so there is not much that stops him. He colors (not always on the paper or in books), he plays trains and cars, he loves books and has a blast going on our weekly adventures out and about. It's crazy to think that this little guy is only 18 months by watching the things he does, but at the same time time has gone so fast and just yesterday he was small enough to swadle up and rock.

Liam is full of life and energy. He keeps me on my toes, makes me smile and laugh. He understands so much now and it's so nice to hear a "yeah" and "no" when you ask him questions now or say "Hi Mommy." He melts my heart with his belly laugh or his infectious smile. Liam is a ham, and a handful at the same time. He is catching on so fast and growing so big, sometimes I wish I could bottle this age up for a while (minus the food throwing- ha).

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