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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 The last couple of weekends have been eventful for us. Two Sundays ago we baptized Liam. It was a special day. It took us a while, but we officially became members of a church here in Woodbury, we took the Baptism class and we finally had the time to host a party. We had family in town from Wisconsin for the weekend. Braden loved the company where he woke up and got to play with people everyday. The weekend was hot, so we got to go swimming with cousins. Liam Jude was a hoot at the actual Baptism, talking loud and making everyone laugh. We are proud of our little guy who is now a member of the church with awesome Godparents to help him grow in his faith (along with us). After the Baptism, we tried to stay cool in the garage. Food and the company was great. Braden was sad that the party was over, the next day he kept asking "where is the party Momma?" :)

Then, last weekend was Father's Day. Friday night we took Braden to his first Twins/Brewers game at Target Field. Since he can recite the Brewers line-up, he was so excited to see the players in person. He got to pick out what he wanted to eat- licorice and popcorn. He cheered, clapped, and saw home run fireworks. He even made it to the end of the game, and then fell asleep in the car on the way home. What a fun night for a 2.75 year old! Then on Saturday we went to dinner as a family of four. Sunday we ventured up to my Dad's for a little boat ride. Braden was sad that he didn't catch a fish this time, but he got to drive the boat which is pretty darn cool. Liam loved watching the water splash when the boat went fast and was in awe at the water skiers going by. I think I have two water boys on my hands (not that I didn't know that already with our visits to the pool and beaches).

This coming weekend continues the fun...more on that later.

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